battenberg cake recipe
08 Oct, Alison Bliss, 1620

Traditional Battenberg Cake Recipe | JK Coffee and Bakery

The Battenberg cake recipe was first made in the year 1884 to pay tribute to Princess Victoria's wedding with Battenberg's Prince Louis. Whatsoever the legend, this famous English chequerboard bake is still as famous today.

Battenberg cake is an amazing cake beginning in Britain, comprising of 2 different color or shading sponge cakes collected in a checkered pattern, bonded along with apricot jam as well as covered alongside homemade marzipan. The delicious Battenberg cake is prepared with pink and yellow sponge cakes; however, variations and varieties of this cake showed up ever since.

Battenberg cake consists of an almondy, light sponge and could be flavored alongside numerous different things. Whereas the standard and yummy Battenberg cake recipe are a long, four sectioned white and pink chessboards, and it has produced a myriad of different cakes.

Shall we dive into the details and particulars of making this traditional Battenberg cake? We found a dazzling version of it as well as followed it best we could. Appropriately, it is an adaption of British baker Mary Berry's Battenberg cake.

We highlighted and featured Mary Berry's recipes and techniques to permit us to make this unique and delicious cake easily.

Most Successful Battenberg Cake Recipe 

This traditional but most successful Battenberg cake is a lovely and delicious project for an evening in the kitchen. Thus, bake this simple yet delicious cake for an exceptional event.

The cake is truly delightful, rich, and moist, and a significant joy to assemble. Children may enjoy and appreciate joining also.

  • Preparation time: Two hours
  • Cooking time: One hour


Ingredients of Battenberg Cake Recipe

  • For almond sponge

  1. 175 grams of golden caster sugar
  2. 175 grams of really soft butter
  3. 50 grams of grounded almonds
  4. 140 grams of self-rising flour
  5. Three medium eggs
  6. Half teaaspoon of baking soda
  7. ¼ teaspoons of almond extract
  8. Half teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • For pink sponge

  1. Pink food color, we utilized a half teaspoon of squires rose food paste
  2. One x ingredients for the yummy almond sponge
  • To assemble

  1. For dusting, use little icing sugar
  2. Two x blocks white marzipan
  3. 200 grams of apricot jam


Stage one:

Heat microwave to around 160C or 180C gas/fan four and line the sides and base of a 20-centimeter square tin alongside baking parchment (the simplest method is to cross two x 20 centimeter -long strips all over the base). And in order to prepare the almond sponge, add the sugar, butter, ground almonds, flour, eggs, baking powder, almond extract, and vanilla in a big container. Beat and mix alongside an electric beater up until the blend or mixture smoothly comes together. Scratch into the tin, spreading to all of the corners, as well as for about 25 to 30 minutes – as soon as you poke in a stick, it must come out all clean.

Stage two:

Chill in the tin for around ten minutes; at that point, move to a wire rack to get done with cooling, whereas you make the 2nd sponge.

Stage three:

And for the amazing pink wipe, line the tin just as above. Combine together all of the ingredients as shown above; however, do not include the almond extract. Then, fold or overlap in pink food color or shading. At that point, scratch everything into the tin plus bake as before. And cool.

Stage four:

To collect, heat the jam in a little container till runny, at that point sifter. Just trim 2 inverse edges from the almond sponge; at that point, trim well the 3rd edge. Roughly and generally measure the sponge height, at that point, cutting from the really well-trimmed edge, utilize a ruler in order to assist you alongside cutting four slices, each a similar width as the height of the sponge. Discard leftover or extra sponge. Repeat alongside the pink cake.

Stage five:

In this stage, take two x pink slices and two x almond slices and trim; thus, they are all at a similar length. Turn out 1 marzipan block on a particular surface lightly dusted alongside icing sugar to simply over 20-centimeter-wide, at that point, continue moving lengthways till the marzipan is generally 0.5 centimeters thick.

Then, brush along with apricot jam, at that point lay an almond and a pink slice one next to the other toward one side of the marzipan, brushing jam in the middle of to stick sponges, as well as leaving 4-centimeter clear marzipan toward the end. Brush extra jam on the top of that sponges; after that, sandwich the rest of the two slices on top, changing colors or shadings to provide a checkerboard impact. Trim in shape the marzipan to the length of the delicious cakes.

Stage six:

Lift up the marzipan plus smooth over the yummy cake alongside the hands with all care; however, leave a little marzipan overlap along the base edge before you stick it to the 1st side. Now, trim in shape the inverse side in order to match the folded size, at that point, crimp edges utilizing thumb and fingers (or, all the more essentially, press alongside prongs of the fork). In case that you like, then mark the ten slices utilizing the prongs of the fork.

Stage seven:

Collect 2nd Battenberg and keep in a sealed container or well covered all around by stick film for as long as three days. This delicious Mary Berry Battenberg cake could be for as long as one month.

It is really fun to bake and even more exciting, fun as well as cheers up any of the tea time table.

Important recipe instructions

  • Bake it really different

Switch extract of almond for the zest of two lemons and one tablespoon of lemon juice in 1st sponge. Change pink shading for zest one orange and one tablespoon of squeezed orange in 2nd sponge (include orange food color in case that you like). Assemble alongside lemon curd and enjoy.